Staff Directory

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  Name Position Extension

Tim Smith
Principal  2001
Joel Ritchey Asst Principal  2002
Richard Cumby Asst Principal  2003
Tommy Vaughn Asst Principal  2053
Reagan Berry Asst Principal  2024
Amy McIntyre Secretary  2000
Tina Dominguez Attendance  2008
Dee Garrett  Receptionist  2038
Brenda Sandifer
Testing Coordinator  2004
Darla Swanner Counselor  2011
Angie Huckabee Counselor  2012
Sherry Brown Counselor  2015
Traca Broadstreet   Counselor Secretary  2013
Misty Jackson Librarian  2038
Corissa Parris
Nurse  2006
Hugh Sandifer
Athletic Director  2026
Larra Kitchens Athletic Secretary  2027