Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship opportunities are posted on this website and also in the Counseling Office, senior English, and Govt/Eco classrooms.

Scholarships for the Class of 2020 

Students can fax, email or mail completed scholarship applications that should be returned to the counseling office.   Fax #  325-690-0320  email to your counselor
mail-Counseling Office-4502 Antilley Rd. Abilene, Texas 79606

Scholarship 101-Tips

Access to Local Paper Scholarship Applications
Wylie All Sports Booster Club

Spencer La Brie Memorial Scholarship

ATPE Scholarship

McKenney Trust Scholarship

Nelda Sellers Scholarship

Wylie Lions Club Scholarship

Scholarship Posting 03-18-2020

1.Ozarka- due May 15 to the address of the application
2. Taylor County Farm Bureau- due April 16 to the address on the application
3. David Ratliff Memorial Scholarship-due April 20 to the address on the application
4. Citize
n's Bank-due April 24 to the address on the application

Scholarship Posting 02-25-2020

Scholarship Posting 02-21-2020

Scholarship Posting 02-18-2020

Scholarship Posting 02-14-2020

Scholarship Posting 01-30-2020

Scholarship Posting 01-28-2020

Scholarship Posting 01-17-2020

Scholarship Posting 01-07-2019

Scholarship Posting 11-14-2019

Scholarship Posting 10-03-2019

Scholarship Posting 09-24-2019

 Community Foundation of Abilene Information

Texas Trade School Opportunities

Hardin Simmons University Big Country Scholarship